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Thank You's: No book is written in a vaccum. Mine is full of dog and cat hair, so there wouldn't be any room. As an author, I owe debts I can never pay to the teachers who fostered my love of writing early on. I thanked those people many years ago when I first started earning a living as a writer, and I continue to thank God for them with every work. But there are also practical debts of gratitude. I have had some invaluable technical assistance with files and programs from people like Wendy Lamirande and Don Campbell, whose bottomless well of patience never seemed to run out when it came to .pdf questions. Then there is the encouragement from fellow authors, Tom Schultz, Theresa Chaze, Carolyn Vella, and so many, many more who shoved me out the door of the book writing airplane and gave me a parachute of friendship. In addition to the work of producing the written word, there are the illustrations that have added so much to the two Purrlock Holmes books. For the "Missing Treasure", I was fortunate to secure the services of a top notch web guru, my son, who not only took the photos but also designed the book's cover. I paid him with a batch of double chocolate chip cookies.

Questons: I am always happy to answer questions about my books, their characters or writing in general, as time permits. I'm particularly delighted to correspond with children or teachers about writing. Letters of general interest to the books' readers will be posted on this page, with the permission of the authors.