Here, we'll list some of our favourites in books, websites, cat products, fun videos and more.

Cat Education Books

- Breeding Pedigree Cats - McGonagle and Vella. Second Edition, 2006. One of the premier resource books for cat breeders everywhere, now in its second edition with more photographs and exanded chapters.

-Feline Husbandry - Dr. Neils Pedersen, one of the bibles of cat breeding and now out of print, this book was selling for up to $500, until it was scanned and put online. Please note: chapters are all in .pdf format.

Cat Books for Entertainment

-The Hallmarks of Felinity, by Brooke McEldowney, well-known cartoonist. This book is now out of print, but you can enjoy it online.

-The Ultimate Cat Lover, wonderful gift idea, filled with heart warming stories, trivia and delightful photos

Children's Book Sites

-The Reading Tub - A wonderful site promoting literacy for children, and providing both reviews and suggested reading for young book lovers.

Cat Sites for Amusement

Car Breeding, What began as a misprint in a cat news post, became a running joke, added to several times by enthusiastic readers

- Polycaudal, or two-tailed cats - An interesting site detailing the physical presentation and genetics of this rare occurence.

-Dancing kitty, annoy someone in your office by turning up the speakers as kitty sings "Cats, I'm a kitty cat, and I dance, dance, dance."

Fascinating Feline Sites and Information

-Cats and World Mythology, a fascinating look at cats in the mythologies of Egypt, Scandinavia, Burma, the Orient and more.

-Folklore and mythology links, links to serveral sites dealing with folklore, wives tales, and mythology

-50 most amazing cat breeds, an amazing video presentation of the 50 most popular breeds, morphing from one to another.

Fun Stuff For Your Cat

-Catlivin, catnip, cat grass, and unique cat climbing units that utilize vertical space

-Woodruff For Pets, fabulous cat furniture, beds, custom made products

-Catteasersandmore, terrific selection of handmade cat teasers and other toys

-Therefinedfeline, cat furniture that is elegant enough for any home

-Live fish cam, cats can watch fish in an aquarium, from 7am-11pm every day. Owners can move camera angle.

Fun Cat Stuff For You

-Friendsfurever, a wonderful site for cat clothing. Shirts, handbags, sweaters, jewelry, garden/house flags

-Gift tags, printable sheet of Christmas gift tags with cat design

-Cat litter casserole, from the book Gross Grub by Cheryl Porter, a simple and simply revolting recipe for kids

-Cookies, for dessert after the casserole, cat poop cookies! Genuinely gross, but delicious.

-Stuff on my cat, hilarious site filled with pictures of cats dressed to the nines, willingly or not

-My cat hates you, humerous site of user submitted photos, showing cats expressions of displeasure

-Treadmill kittens, video of two kitties trying to get ahead in life, and not doing too well!

-Cats talking, one of the most hysterical videos around, two cats interacting with "voices" supplied by humans

-LOL cats, a whole culture has grown up around this site where users add captions to cat photos in LOL speak